About Us

Trudi & Melanie, Founders of Red Moon Parcels

Hi, we’re the founders of Red Moon Parcels, Melanie (left) & Trudi (right). We’re sisters from Melbourne and we started this business based around a product we want to buy, that reflects the things we care about.

Even though we’re related and not that far apart in age, we live very different lives.

Trudi lives with her husband and four children (I know, four….) in their lovely home in Melbourne’s east. She’s a super busy mum and wife but smashes out marathons in her spare time. Health and fitness is a big focus in her life and her family’s.

Melanie lives with her fiancé in an inner city shoe box. Child free and carefree, she travels overseas often with her European partner. With a background working in healthcare and medical research, her life has revolved around the biology of health and she is passionate about everyone being accurately informed when it comes to their health.

Recognising that we both feel terrible every month when we have our period,  and wanting to take better care of ourselves (both physically and emotionally), we designed our parcels to be a beautiful gift of self-care to all women.

We have focused on natural products that are good for our bodies and the environment because we believe it’s possible to indulge and be healthy at the same time.

We want these parcels to be a reminder to women that periods can be tough on our bodies and minds and it’s alright to take a step back, unwind and be kind to yourself.

We hope you enjoy our parcels. If you have any ideas or feedback please reach out. We’d love to hear from you!

Melanie & Trudi.