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Alter Eco

– Activism through food –

Alter Eco’s mission is to pioneer a full circle approach to eating, farming, and doing business – and to inspire others to do the same.

Alter Eco Australia founder, Ilse Keijzer, was born and raised in the Netherlands, the birthplace of the Fairtrade movement. Ilse completed her studies in business and communications in Amsterdam and the U.S. and quickly began traveling the world. It was on a backpacking trip through South America where she met the founder of Alter Eco France, Tristan Lecomte. In 2005, Ilse joined Edouard Rollet and Mathieu Senard in expanding Alter Eco’s product line from France to the U.S. and Australia.

Ilse took on the Australian market, introducing a full line of fairtrade chocolate, rice, sugar and quinoa to the land down under. Tristan, Ed, Mathieu and Ilse became pioneers in social entrepreneurialism, wielding the business of food to fight for economic and social justice. That’s why every product they make is sourced from farmer-owned coops practicing sustainable agriculture.

Going full circle

Over the years, the Alter Eco team has also worked to make sure every aspect of the business gives more to the world than it takes. That’s why they have become pioneers in compostable packaging, and have worked with their cacao partners to replant the rain forests where our beans are grown.


Alter Eco

Well, they make chocolate so do we need another reason? Probably not but there are in fact plenty of reasons to love Alter Eco.

Alter Eco are 100% organic and fairtrade certified. They maintain a close working relationship with their co-op farmers, which helps to support the needs of their communities and grow the business.

All their products are made with natural flavours extracted from plants including spices, fruits, fruit juices, vegetables, vegetable juices, herb, bark, buds, roots or leaves. This means they contain no regulated allergens, or artificial flavours and all products.

Alter Eco is eco-friendly and operate on the following four pillars of sustainability:

  1. Sourcing ingredients using Fair Trade principles
  2. Producing only organic foods
  3. Creating minimal waste by working towards 100% compostable packaging
  4. In-setting carbon emissions by means of large-scale reforestation programs in the cooperatives that produce its crops.

And don’t worry, we taste test everything first so we know that their chocolate bars, truffles & clusters taste good and will definitely satisfy your cravings!


Alter Eco

Alter Eco products can be found in independent retailers, pharmacies and health food stores across Australia and New Zealand. Find a store in your neighbourhood using their online store locator, or purchase online through one of these online retailers.

And of course, we’ll be featuring Alter Eco’s most popular chocolates regularly in our parcels.