Natural Bamboo Pads & Organic Cotton Tampons





Natural Bamboo Pads & Organic Cotton Tampons



Tsuno sells disposable, sustainable bamboo fibre sanitary pads and organic cotton tampons. They are a social enterprise, donating 50% of their profits to charities that focus on empowering women, particularly through education and menstrual support.

Tsuno was started more than five years ago by Founder, Roz Campbell. Frustrated by all the chemicals and plastic used to manufacture many feminine hygiene products, and armed with an understanding of the struggle that many young girls and women in the world face because they don’t have access to sanitary items, Roz felt compelled to do something. Read more about her story here.

Roz Campbell Founder of TSUNO
Roz Campbell

Founder of TSUNO



Great products & an important mission!

The products:

Their pads are the most comfortable that we’ve ever tried. Probably because TSUNO pads are made from natural bamboo (instead of viscose) with a corn fibre top sheet.

This means that no harsh chemicals such as chlorine or dioxin bleach are used to process it. Also, bamboo is one of the most eco-friendly and sustainable fibres available, due to its fast growth-rate, low demands on resources and natural resistance to pests and fungi. It is also super absorbent, breathable, soft and  antibacterial.

TSUNO also sell certified organic cotton tampons in three absorbencies, Mini, Regular and Super. Their tampons are certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), and registered under the Therapeutic Goods Administration.

Using organic cotton ensures that the tampons are free from pesticides & fertilisers, which makes perfect sense considering we put them inside of our bodies!

The packaging:

TSUNO is also committed to eco-friendly packaging. Individual pads are wrapped in biodegradable sleeves, and each box is recyclable.

They’re also beautifully packaged. The packaging features various editions of multiple artist’s work. So far, designs have featured the work of:

  • Erin Lightfoot
  • Tim Royall
  • Evi O, Eloise Rapp
  • Andrea Shaw, Obus
  • Abbey Rich
  • Mirador
  • Kip & Co
  • Natalie Byrne
  • The Souvenir Society and Everyday Ambitions

The impact

TSUNO generously donate 50% of their profits to charities that focus on empowering women, especially through education and menstrual support.

Tsuno is currently working in partnership with One Girl, who provide education scholarships and sanitary pads to marginalised girls in Sierra Leone and Uganda. In 2018, this contribution amounted to an impressive $15,000!

They have also donated to and continue to support the following organisations & charities:

You can read more about how TSUNO puts profits to use for good here.



TSUNO products can be found at a growing list of retail stores. You can find them in your area here.

They can also be purchased online directly here. And of course, you can get them every month in a Red Moon Parcel.


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