Essential Period Subscription

SKU: 2019-03-1-1

$19.90 / month for 3 months

This monthly parcel combines two packs of natural & organic feminine hygiene products by the social enterprise Tsuno, with a premium block of chocolate and a selection of organic, herbal teas. Basically, all the essentials for that time of the month!

  1. Select your preferred sanitary products below
  2. Tell us which week in the month you need your parcel
  3. We’ll deliver it to your door each month for 3 months. Sit back and enjoy the chocolate & teas!

Please check the subscription details below before purchasing.

Want to try it out for a month before signing up for the subscription? No problem. Order a single month’s parcel here.


To schedule your parcel to be delivered in a particular week, please select the closest date in the calendar below.

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Product Description

Subscribe to receive an automatic monthly delivery of the Red Moon Essential Period Parcel for 3 months.

  • Subscription period is for 3 months, after which time it will expire. You will then be given the option to renew or continue the subscription. We guarantee to not continue payments automatically!
  • A monthly payment of $19.90 + shipping fees will be charged to your selected payment method prior to the order being shipped.
  • You will have full control of your subscription via an account login.
  • Pause a delivery if you go away on holiday.
  • Change delivery dates to suit your schedule.
  • Alter your selection of sanitary products before the next delivery.
  • Edit payment details.
  • Contact us for any additional changes.



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